Treat Yourself: Cosmetic Treatments to Prepare for Spring Carnival

Who doesn’t love a day at the races? All those gorgeous frocks, jocks and fillies on show. But what are the secrets to looking your best this Spring Carnival? Allure Cosmetic Clinic in Toowoomba dishes up a smorgasbord of cosmetic treatments to get you on track this racing season.

Fresh faces
Be one of the freshest faces in the race day crowd with Allure Clinic’s restorative and rejuvenating facial treatments. Try the Allure Signature Facial, which uses medical grade skin care for ultimate results. Or the Extraction Facial is perfect for congested, dull and acne prone skin.

If you’re in need of some serious facial refreshment, our Hydrafacial resurfacing procedure thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and hydration, including antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Turn that frown upside down
For flawless Race Day photos, create a smooth smile and unfurrow your frown with our proven wrinkle relaxing treatment. At Allure Clinic we specialise in using natural, purified Wrinkle Relaxers protein to address your furrows, lines and facial wrinkles.

We aim for the most natural results achievable, as no one wants to look overdone or ‘frozen’. We achieve this by treating each patient with doses that will adequately relax the muscle and wrinkles, whilst maintaining their natural features.

Revive and rejuvenate
Take the fountain of youth trackside. Dermal fillers are used to create a more youthful appearance and rejuvenate your facial features. Dermal fillers used at Allure Clinic are based on hyaluronic acid, have a proven safety record and contain no animal proteins, so do not require a prior skin test.

Treatments are performed under local anaesthetic for maximum patient comfort and are quick enough to be performed in your lunchtime. Results are immediate with minimal downtime, suiting many patients’ busy schedules.

Sculpt your silhouette
To achieve your most svelte silhouette for Fashions on the Field, why not try Coolsculpting? This non-invasive treatment is specifically designed to reduce unwanted bulges that have not responded to diet and exercise. Alternatively, we offer Exilis, a non-invasive solution for fat reduction, skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles, with long-lasting effects.

Peel away the years
To maximise your Race Day glow, Allure Clinic offers a range of sensational peel treatments designed to strip back the years and leave you shining. Choose from treatments that sound good enough to eat including blueberry smoothie, pomegranate or D-tox, to name a few.

All Allure Clinic medical grade chemical peels exfoliate the skin to accelerate the cell renewal process, stimulate collagen synthesis and improve elastin fibres to reveal a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Hair today, gone tomorrow
Say bye bye to unwanted body hair with the latest in laser hair removal this season. Allure Clinic also offers a range of waxing treatments to choose from for all face and body parts. Long lasting or a quick fix, both options are perfect to get you back on track.

Finishing touches
So now the heavy-duty stuff is taken care of, why not put the cherry on the cake with some finishing touches to really complete your look this Spring? How about combining a body scrub with a spray tan to buff and bronze yourself into a shining star of the racing set?

And don’t forget to ensure you’ve got glamorous hands and feet watching the fillies this season by opting for miraculous manicure and pampering pedicure treatments?

To learn more about how to look your best this Spring, visit Allure Clinic in Toowoomba, complete a contact form or call us on 1300 662 960.

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