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Breast Implant Revision

When you undergo your breast augmentation surgery, it is very unlikely that you have a second breast surgery, often referred to as breast revision surgery, on your mind. On occasion, after breast augmentation surgery, patients can experience problems with the implants that will require a second surgery. In addition, breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime; they may need to be replaced at some point.

Common Concerns Breast Revision Surgery Can Address

At Allure Clinic we see our patients requesting breast revision surgery for a number of reasons that are personal to each patient. Some of these reasons include the following.

  • Concerns about implant rupture or leak
  • Concerns related to implant migration
  • Changing the type of implant, from saline to silicone as an example in order to obtain a softer and more natural feel
  • Capsular contracture
  • Changes to the breast after pregnancy or after changes in weight
  • Changes that are related to age, including minor drooping
  • Cosmetic concerns that include poor placement, symmastia, bottoming out or double-bubble

We also meet with patients who have undergone augmentation surgery more than a decade ago. Patients may now be in a different place in their lives. It may make more sense to remove the implants.

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Treatment Options

Alter implant size

Improve aesthetics

Remove implants

Fix complications

Address breast implant related illness


We’ve gathered a collection of the questions that we hear most frequently, to help you better understand breast revision surgery and how it may benefit you.

Am I a good potential candidate for breast revision surgery?

The candidate for the breast revision surgery should be in good physical health. Patients should have good mental health, and also have a realistic idea as to what the results of the surgery could be.

Can I change the size or type of implant during revision surgery?

Perhaps one of the most common reasons that women opt to pursue revision surgery is to adjust the size, shape or type of implant. You can select implants that are larger or perhaps smaller than what you selected for your initial surgery. You can exchange saline implants for a type of silicone implants, or vice versa. We will work closely with you so that we can understand your goals and recommend options that will help you to achieve your ideal results.

How do I know if my implants need to be replaced?

While breast implant manufacturers do offer a recommended timeframe for the use of implants, there is no true expiration date on them. If your results are still meeting your original expectations and there are no signs of complications with the implants, there is no need to perform revision surgery simply because it has been 10 or more years since your first surgery was completed.

Signs of complications with the implants may include the following.

  • Signs of a rupture or leak, which could include seeing your chest deflate
  • Asymmetry
  • Capsular contracture, breasts can be hard to the touch
  • Breast implant movement, leading to breasts that appear to be too close together or perhaps too far apart

Can I get the implants removed completely?

Many of our patients opt to have their implants removed completely, instead of a revision surgery or getting replacement implants. If you opt to remove your implants, your surgeon will reshape the natural breast tissue in a manner that is close to the steps that are taken during a breast lift. This will ensure you natural-looking contours, without the need to use implants.

What will recovery from breast revision surgery be like?

The majority of our patients describe their recovery from breast revision surgery as being very similar to the recovery from their initial surgery. The key difference is that the recovery is often shorter and brings with it much less discomfort. You will need to wear similar supportive compression garments for some time after your surgery. This will help to promote healing and reduce swelling.

Your recovery timeline will vary, based upon the extent of your surgery. Most of our patients are able to return to their regular routine and work schedule after two weeks of recovery.

What can I expect from my results?

The results of your revision surgery should meet your cosmetic goals. Whether you’re undergoing revision surgery to correct an issue from your first surgery, or you are looking to repair a concern like capsular contracture or a rupture, your results should be so much closer to the aesthetics that you originally had in mind. Your breasts should be symmetrical and flatter your figure. Hardened scar tissue will be removed. The shape of and size of the implant should meet your personal cosmetic goals.

The goal of revision surgery is to enhance the appearance of your breasts, for noticeable improvement. You should feel confident about your results.


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