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Breast asymmetry surgery procedure at Allure Clinic.

Breast Asymmetry

Most women will have one breast larger than the other. Breasts can be of different size and even a different shape. Although common, these differences are perceptible but not very great. There are several options that can be considered to correct this condition.

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Treatment Benefits

Improve symmetry

Boost breast size

Reshape the nipples

Fit clothes better

Youthful repositioning


Breast Asymmetry Before and After Gallery – Patient Results

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At what age can treatment be undertaken?

For some women the breasts will develop at different rates and a “catch up” may occur during development. Unless very obvious, treatment is best deferred until breast development is complete. For some the changes are so obvious or dramatic that treatment can commence at an earlier stage.

What are the treatment options?

The first step in determining a treatment plan is to decide which breast is the most desirable, the most natural or possibly both breasts will require treatment.

Surgery for breast asymmetry may involve enlargement of the smaller breast, reduction or lift of a larger breast however treatment frequently involves complex surgery on both breasts.

Breast augmentation can be performed on one breast, increasing its size and making it similar to the other one. Breast reduction can also be performed to reduce the larger of the two breasts. This involves removal of excess fat and skin. Either procedure results in breasts that are more similar in size.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Correcting breast asymmetry can help improve upon appearance, but it can also provides a boost to the self-esteem and self-confidence. The choice of which procedure to undergo to correct breast asymmetry is something Dr Magnusson will discuss with you. He will discuss these options in more detail with you during your initial consultation.

Is there any assistance from my health fund or Medicare?

Surgery for significant asymmetry will usually be considered reconstructive rather than cosmetic. This means that both Medicare and your health fund (if you have one) will contribute to the costs involved. A health fund will contribute to the private hospital theatre and accommodation costs, medicare and your health fund will contribute to the medical costs (anaesthetists, assistant surgeon, pathologist and your surgeon’s fee). When implants are required on one side to address asymmetry the cost of the implant will also usually be covered by your health fund.

There are out of pocket expenses for this operation. For further information about your own policy you should contact your health fund.