BBL - BroadBand Light


Hydrafacial treatment in Allure Cosmetic Clinic & Medispa Toowoomba.

BBL – BroadBand Light

Get beautiful skin with the world’s best IPL Device!

Over time, skin imperfections such as acne or pigmentation can begin to show on the skin. Despite how powerful facials and other topical skin treatments can be, removing certain skin concerns can seem impossible. Thankfully, Sciton’s BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment delivers effective Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy, removing the appearance of skin blemishes and taking skin rejuvenation treatments to the next level.

From signs of aging to sun damage, BBL can treat a range of skin concerns, with versatile and personalised treatments designed to perfectly tailor to each patient’s needs. During a gentle and fast procedure, the eyes are protected from the bright light using glasses or safety shields, while the BBL handpiece precisely delivers IPL to the targeted area. Throughout the treatment, the innovative device’s CoolComfort technology ensures patient comfort by continuously cooling the skin.

The advanced treatment demands minimal to no downtime, only typically leaving patients with mild redness and an initial darkening of the treated area. As the skin begins to heal, the treated skin will fade and flake, revealing clear, new skin in its place.

BBL provides an enhanced skin treatment:

  • Removes pigmented spots and treats skin imperfections such as acne
  • Creates smooth, beautiful and glowing new skin
  • Faster procedures than other IPL technologies
  • Efficiently treats targeted areas with a high repetition rate and large spot size of 15×45 mm
  • Non-invasive and gentle treatment with little to no downtime

What Can BBL Treat?

Age Spots

Sun Spots


Vascular Lesions





As the skin ages or becomes frequently exposed to the UV rays in the sunlight, the melanin in the skin can become more prominent, causing freckles, age spots and sun spots to appear.

The IPL utilised by the BBL device will heat the superficial layers of the skin, prompting the regeneration of the damaged skin cells. At the same time, photothermal energy works to remove the fine vessels in the skin that create the appearance of redness, as well as reduce the melanin that causes pigmented spots.

Results can be seen after just one treatment, as the skin begins to heal and rejuvenate. The skin will look smooth and youthful, with a much more even skin tone and smaller pores.

As the world’s finest IPL device, BBL can treat skin imperfections like no other skin rejuvenation technology in the industry.

With a fast and effective treatment that only requires a breezy recovery period, you can remove your unwanted skin blemishes for good. To learn more about the treatment, determine your eligibility and begin your journey to new skin, book a consultation at our Toowoomba clinic or contact us via the enquiries form to the right of the page. Your personal characteristics and treatment goals can be discussed, ensuring that your BBL treatment will be perfectly suited to your needs and will create your dream results.

BBL treatment in Allure Cosmetic Clinic & Medispa Toowoomba.