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The appearance of neck fat can be quite bothersome. Seen as the double chin, a poorly defined jaw line and neck contour are common reasons that people consider having photographs taken from above while looking up and even pouting to improve these contours.
There have always been surgical options such as liposuction and neck lift surgery which are still very useful tools for the treatment of neck fat and preferable to some people when they want a single intervention and can afford a recovery period.
There have been recent developments in non-surgical treatments for a double chin. We have had Coolsculpting available since 2014 which can be very helpful with an applicator designed specifically for this region. Tissue is drawn into the applicator, cooled over a period of one hour and then following treatment a proportion of the fat cells will undergo a natural decrease in number. The results will take 8 to 12 weeks to fully materialise and sometimes will be repeated to achieve the best outcome.
More recently a first in class medication that is injected into this area will similarly lead to a breakdown of neck fat of a proportion of the fat cells in a permanent way. The treatment area is identified and mapped out and a regulated dose of the medication is used into the zone based on science and clinical research.
The active ingredient in this treatment for neck fat is the same product that the body produces two digests fat in the diet, deoxycholic acid. The substances used in the injections are not from animal or human sources but artificially created to the same formula.

 The treatment area is mapped with a grid pattern, and administered through a series of small injections into the area. To ensure you remain comfortable during the procedure, a combination of local anaesthetic and cold packs are applied throughout the duration.

Temporary swelling and some numbness may occur immediately after treatment however is completely normal and an expected outcome. As a result of the expected swelling following the procedure, this treatment is frequently carried out at the end of the week so that changes are back to normal for the beginning of the next work week.
At our clinics we have a number of treatment options for neck fat, which is a common concern for a lot of people.

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