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Limelight pigmentation by Allure Clinic Toowoomba

Limelight Pigmentation

The neck, face and hands are the areas that tend to show the most noticeable signs of ageing and sun damage early on. While a good at-home skincare regime is capable of reversing some of the effects of ageing, it’s necessary for your skin to be treated at a deeper level if you want to achieve long-lasting results.

At Allure Clinic in Toowoomba, we use the Limelight Pigmentation system to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of surface imperfections using non-invasive light treatments. Along with treating general signs of ageing, the system can also be used to address rosacea, brown spots and broken capillaries.

Treatment Benefits

Reduce pigmentation

Improve skin tone

Reduce small veins

Help rosacea

Reduce blemishes

Reduce redness


Limelight Pigmentation Before and After – Patient Results

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How Do Limelight Pigmentation Treatments Work?

Before your treatment begins at the Allure clinic, your clinician will select Program A, B or C in order to customise the treatment for your specific skin type and concerns. Here is what the different programs are able to treat:

  • A: Diffuses redness and decreases the appearance of spider veins and mottled skin
  • B: Treats a combination of red and brown spots as well as general skin blotches
  • C: Reduces the appearance of brown spots

A cool gel will be applied to your skin before the device is moved across the relevant area. As your skin absorbs the heat from the hand piece, it slowly breaks up any pigmentation and triggers the body’s natural healing processes.

Patients can expect to feel a pinching sensation throughout their treatment and afterwards, the skin will feel like it is slightly sunburnt. The average procedure lasts about 20 – 30 minutes and most patients are able to achieve their desired outcome after one to three sessions.

Unfortunately, darker skin tones cannot be treated with the Limelight system. If you will be treating rosacea with the Limelight system, it should be noted that the skin’s condition can only be improved – the treatments won’t cure the condition.

What to Expect after a Limelight Pigmentation Treatment?

Directly after your Limelight treatment, any brown spots will start to darken and your skin will appear slightly red. There may also be some mild swelling, which is why it’s recommended that patients take a day off work. Makeup can be applied to the skin after your treatment if necessary though.

Over the next few days, any spots will continue to darken until eventually, they start to fade and flake off, which usually happens around the one to three-week mark. This is when you will start seeing a brighter, clearer layer of skin. It’s important not to pick your skin – let it flake and fall off on its own or you could cause scarring. Since the procedure will also make your skin sensitive to sunlight, it’s very important to wear a high-quality sunscreen anytime you step outside.

Besides some mild bruising, swelling and redness, there are no major side effects associated with Limelight treatments. The only time that more severe side effects could occur is if the treatments were performed by an inexperienced clinician, which will never be the case at Allure’s clinic.