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Breast reconstruction surgery at Allure Cosmetic Clinic in Toowoomba.

Breast Reconstruction

It is a very personal decision to undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy. It is quite often a part of the recovery process for patients. Breast reconstruction goals are to restore the breasts to a more natural-looking shape and appearance after mastectomy. Breast reconstruction will also restore symmetry. Here at Allure Clinic in Toowoomba, we offer a full range of breast reconstructive solutions to restore your shape and your confidence.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Generally speaking, there are two categories for breast reconstruction. This includes flap reconstruction and implant-based reconstruction. To ensure optimal results, some patients may qualify for both reconstructive methods.

  • Flap Reconstruction – This procedure uses the patient’s own tissue, sourced from somewhere else in her body. The donor tissue may be sourced from the patient’s abdomen, back or thighs.
  • Implant-Based Reconstruction – This procedure uses saline or silicone implants to rebuild the breasts. It may also involve the expansion of the patient’s skin across the chest to accommodate the implants.

The surgical technique that will be best suited for your procedure will depend on factors that are unique to you.

Completion of the breast reconstructive process can include nipple reconstruction and tattooing.

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Treatment Benefits

Improve the look of your breasts

Get your confidence back

Fit your clothes properly again

Reshape or rebuild your nipples


Our list of FAQs can help you to better navigate the surgery and all that it entails.

Why are there so many types of Breast Reconstruction?

Reconstruction surgery takes a great amount of experience and skill. The goal is to restore breasts that have had significant trauma to them. Your surgeon will opt for the technique or multiple techniques that will help you to see the best in results. It is important to keep in mind that every woman has a breast shape unique to her, along with a different desired outcome. Each patient will also have a different range of expectations when it comes to the final outcome of the surgery.

As a consequence, one technique will not necessarily prove to be the solution for every patient’s needs. We work with our patients to ensure that we can provide them with the right solutions to meet their needs.

What are the differences between immediate and delayed reconstruction?

Every patient is different. Your condition, surgery and reconstructive goals will vary between what others may face.

Some patients may be suitable candidates for immediate reconstruction. Immediate reconstruction takes place during the mastectomy surgery. Delayed reconstruction is performed at a later date. This may take place several weeks, or months, after the mastectomy surgery.

How long does the reconstruction process take?

The breast reconstruction timeline varies between patients, based upon individual factors. These factors may include the number of reconstructive surgeries that are needed, and whether further cancer treatments will be required. Patients who need to undergo radiation should delay reconstructive surgery until after radiation treatments.

For some patients, the reconstruction process may take between 6 months and a year.

Some patients may opt not to undergo nipple reconstruction, while others may require multiple surgeries in order to get the reconstructed breast to look closely like the natural breast still remaining.

Your individual timeline will be a part of the discussion that you have during your consultation with the surgeon.

What kind of results can I expect?

The ultimate results of the breast construction procedure are to reduce both the physical and emotional impact that a mastectomy can have on a patient. Your results should restore your breasts, restore symmetry, and also help to keep your levels of confidence up.

Are there any side effects to breast reconstruction surgery?

Every medical and surgical procedure can bring with it the potential for risks. At Allure Clinic we do our part to ensure that you are comfortable and safe every step of the way. That said, there are some expected side-effects of any surgery, and some potentially riskier yet rare complications that you should be aware of.

Bruising, swelling and tenderness are a common postoperative issue. These typically resolve on their own with healing. Some loss of sensation in the breast is very normal, it does often return.

There is the risk for bleeding and infection. Your postoperative guidelines will provide instruction for recognising the signs of an infection. More serious risks are rare.

What can be expected during recovery?

After your surgery, you will be provided with postoperative instructions. They may include instructions on how to care for your incisions, details about medications you need to take, how to reduce infection risks and when you should notify your plastic surgeon. Expect to feel some discomfort and stiffness during the first postoperative days at home. You should have a family member or friend staying with you, to help care for your needs.

By the end of the first postoperative week, expect to be feeling much improvement in your discomfort levels.

How much does breast reconstruction cost?

Navigating the costs of breast reconstruction can be overwhelming. How much will you need to pay? How much does the entire process cost?

Reconstruction of the breast is considered to be part of breast cancer treatment. As such, many of the associated costs may be partly covered by Medicare, and by private health insurance.

That said, there may be some out of pocket costs to consider. These costs could be based upon the type of reconstruction that you opt for, and recovery from the surgery itself.

The best way in which to determine the costs that you might be faced with is to schedule your consultation. After an examination and discussion of your goals, your out of pocket costs will be determined.

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