Breast Augmentation Toowoomba


Breast enlargement (breast augmentation) surgery in Allure Cosmetic Clinic Toowoomba.

Breast Enlargement

The breast is a very important symbol of femininity and has a very strong association with self-image and self-esteem. While different sized breasts are completely normal, a breast that is perceived as too small can have a significant psychological effect for that woman.

To consider breast enlargement is an extremely personal decision and there are a lot of people who feel free to offer an opinion. Very frequently, these people do not suffer from having a breast size that does not match their self-image. This problem is one that can only be understood by a woman in this position. This does not make the problem any less significant for those who suffer from it.

The majority of patients wishing to undertake breast enlargement surgery do so to feel more feminine. Contrary to popular media portrayals the majority of women do not wish to achieve a breast size out of proportion with their body. There will however be a group of patients choosing to achieve a more significant breast size following this surgery.

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Treatment Options

Increase breast size

Improve symmetry

Implant revision

Replace volume lost with age

Breast reconstruction


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Am I suitable for breast enlargement?

The commonest groups of women that consider breast augmentation are

  • Young women with small breasts
  • Women who have had children and post lactational involution
  • Women who have had children and have breast ptosis (sag) with a loss of firmness and shape to their breasts
  • Women who have breast asymmetry (different sized breasts)
  • Women who have had breast tissue removed surgically
  • Women with breasts that are small for their frame despite a fuller figure
  • Women who would prefer larger breasts

What types of implants are used today?

There are three primary implant types and these are silicone, saline or polyurethane coated silicone implants (commonly called Brazilian or even Brazilian furry implants). Silicone is like rubber in many respects, by changing its chemical structure it can be firm and pliable like a sheet of rubber or sticky and runny like honey. Saline implants are covered by an external silicone shell and are inflated with saltwater. Silicone implants have a similar external shell, however they are filled internally with silicone of a different structure so that it is soft and feels more natural than the firmer outer shell.

Older styles of implants had a very runny gel like honey. This type of implant is still used by some surgeons. When our doctor uses silicone implants he uses “cohesive gel” implants that have a similar consistency to the inside of a Turkish Delight rather than being runny like honey. This type of silicone implant has a more stable shape and is often called “form stable”.

All silicone and polyurethane covered implants Dr Magnusson uses have form stable silicone.