Why a Plastic Surgeon Is the Preferred Choice

Allure Cosmetic Clinic in Toowoomba, Queensland is not your average beauty salon. While it does offer a range of cutting-edge treatment options to define, enhance, refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body, there is a defining feature that makes this clinic a preferred choice for patients from near and far.

Partnered with Toowoomba Plastic Surgery, Allure Cosmetic Clinic offers the skills and expertise of renowned specialist plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Magnusson, leading a highly skilled team of handpicked, professional staff.

We explore some of the many benefits of visiting a beauty clinic backed by a professional plastic surgeon:

1. Plastic vs. cosmetic
What’s the difference between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon? Is the question asked by many when confronted with this conundrum. The difference is much more significant than many people would suspect.

Currently any doctor in Australia can label themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons,’ without undertaking any additional training. However a plastic surgeon is required to complete several years of specialist plastic surgery training and undergo extensive supervision, in addition to their existing medical qualifications.

Dr. Magnusson completed his specialist training in 1999, being awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (FRACS Plast), ensuring you are in safe and qualified hands for all surgical procedures performed at Allure Cosmetic Clinic.

2. Specialist surgeries
Being a cosmetic clinic supported by a plastic surgeon, allows Allure Clinic to offer specialist surgical procedures in specific areas. During his specialist training, Dr. Magnusson specifically sought education and experience to advance his interests in cosmetic surgery, particularly in the area of breast surgery.

Following completion of his training, Dr. Magnusson travelled overseas to develop his knowledge and experience in breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. To further these interests, Dr. Magnusson travelled to Milan to work with the pioneers in breast reshaping following breast cancer surgery.

Allure Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of breast surgery options, with patients guaranteed they are being treated by a leading specialist in this arena.

3. Professional learning enhances patient experience
Dr. Magnusson currently holds several notable appointments within the surgical industry and is an active member of various professional associations.

His role with the Council for the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons as an Education Convenor arranging conferences for cosmetic plastic surgeons in Australia and New Zealand, allows him to remain at the forefront of new developments in this field, both in Australia and overseas.

This ensures that the treatment options offered at Allure Cosmetic Clinic all provide a proven benefit and helps us to avoid expensive treatments that don’t achieve real results.

Dr. Magnusson also has a special interest in facial rejuvenation using non-surgical and surgical treatment modalities. He ensures the safety and efficacy of all treatments at Allure Clinic and is always available to offer his expert opinion to our patients.

4. Experience and integrity
A specialist plastic surgeon brings to a cosmetic clinic the experience and integrity to provide the highest level of patient care. At Allure Cosmetic Clinic, we understand that undertaking cosmetic surgery is an intensely personal and private decision that can have a positive impact on many facets of your life including; self-image, confidence and social interaction.

Understanding a patient’s motivations and helping them to achieve realistic expectations is a vital component in achieving successful outcomes. With a combination of communication, experience and knowledge, Dr. Magnusson and the specialist team at Allure Clinic have helped many patients realise their full potential.

This combination of training, experience, quality and caring provides the ideal environment for every patient to make very personal and important decisions, with the security that they are in the best possible hands.

Allure Cosmetic Clinic: the preferred choice.
These are just a few of the many reasons why patients flock from near and far to visit Allure Cosmetic Clinic in Toowoomba. And why having a cosmetic clinic backed by a professional plastic surgeon is the preferred choice, every time.

To learn more about our highly skilled staff and treatment options visit Allure Clinic in Toowoomba, complete a contact form or call us on 1300 662 960.